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Mickael Vis is a french photographer based in Helsinki. Through all his work from fashion industrie, magazine to his personal work, Mickael has developed a light color tone aesthetic becoming his signature. This particular range in Vis’s work translate a smooth sensation, a poetic atmosphere on all his subjects from a model to a construction site. In his personal work, Vis pays attention to architectural details with a minimalism and a kind of melancholic eye.

We decided to know more about who is behind this sensitive and poetic work.











Interview by Adrien  –
January 2019

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Suburbs and I grew up in many places between Suburbs and Paris.

Why did you choose to live in Helsinki?

I originally went to Helsinki to be with the girl I was dating at this time. I really liked the city and the atmosphere and decided to stay.


Could you share your first creative moment?

I’m from a low-class family where there is not that much space for creativity. But when my mother died my aunt who raised me saw that I was sensitive and decided to put me in a special creative program in High school. I guess these moments of reflexions around movies and art are my first creative experiences


Why did you choose the photographic media to express yourself ?

I was originally attracted by making movies more, but I need to produce a lot in my creative process, and photography is more suitable to this process. You depend too much on other people when you work in movies. With photography, I was more independent and able to work when I want. I need this freedom.


You choose to show us a series of architecture photos, can you tell us more about it? Where is it? Why this subject?

I am really interesting about architecture nowadays. The architecture allows me to question humans through what they build or left behind. This neutral positioning interests me a lot to understand the entire society surrounding me. When I’m photographing someone, there are so many elements that bring the point to the person. With architecture, I can extend this point and reach a bigger group of person, a bigger part of society.


Does the series have a name? 

It is still a work in progress. I guess at some point the name will come naturally


Your pictures have a kind of pastel colors, why did you choose to work in this tonal range? ?

For me, the treatment is a lot about sensibility. I started photography with film, and I’m still using it a lot. I am attached to the ethereal feeling that film bring

Something nostalgic merges from your photography. Is it an intentional aesthetic? Are you a nostalgic person?

I am not necessarily nostalgic of the past, but as a visual person, I am very inspired by a lot of things.

You work for commercials, fashion, magazine, how does it happen? Do you contact the magazine or did they contact you? ?

It depends, photography is so random. Every work is different. I shot recently the upcoming Iittala campaign and an agency contacted me to do it after they saw some works I did for another Finnish brand on Instagram. Every work comes differently but I am someone positive and I contact a lot of people. Don’t receive an answer or receive a No is not something that scares me

Between fashion, still life and minimalist architecture elements, what is your favorite subject? 

I like them all! I don’t want to be stuck in one thing, that’s why photography is amazing. For me, being a photographer is all about being curious and amazed by things. And every project allows me to do that, so every project that fit my way of seeing things interest me. I am very amazed by the diversity of work of some photographers, like Daniel P. Shea,  and I hope I’ll be able to do the same in a near future.






Which artists inspired you?

So many. I am obsessed with photography, but also by a lot of other visual things. Finland is a very visual country through design and architecture and I like that. I recently discovered some works that inspire me a lot, like Henry Scott Tuke, Laura Letinsky, Eileen Gray

How do you find your subject?  What is your next project?

I nowadays decided to mainly work through commissioned jobs as a project, because I think working with deadlines and themes are really interesting and stimulating. And nowadays, as I said, all kind of projects interest me. I would like to work more on edgy projects where I can bring my way of seeing things on random subjects.

How social media help you as a photographer?

Instagram is amazing to get inspiration and find nice things, it also brings jobs, more than I thought. The only problem is that now people mainly only look at Instagram, and it’s annoying when you struggle to make a proper website.


Do you have something to tell us more about Mickael Vis’s photography?

About my photography, I don’t know what else to say, but I can tell that I shot a lot of things recently and they’ll be released soon, so stay connected
















Courtesy of the artist – 2019

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