LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi AW20/21 Campaign


Passionate about literature, LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi  is unveiling a collection this season inspired by «KAPUTT», a novel by Italian writer Curzio Malaparte. An autobiographical work recounting the author’s testimonies and correspondence in Europe during World War II.


The FW20 / 21 campaign, produced by photographer Horst Diekgerdes, takes place at Louis Carré house. The monument of the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto echoes the radical, violent, and poetic character of the novel. A sublime, mysterious setting, serving as a framework for a sometimes subversive story between the protagonists.


The models Luca Lemaire, Etienne Garnier, and Romane Grèze, close friends of the LGN brand, evolve in a cinematographic atmosphere, reminiscent of the sensuality of Pasolini’s films.


The scars on the clothes on the necklines, as well as the ink stains on the denim pieces, highlight the cracks of these men and women, enigmatic figures of modern times. Styling by Andrej Skok symbolizes the expectation and boredom of a melancholy day, a strange film atmosphere projected into our contemporary times by the work of makeup artist Vanessa Bellini, a collaborator of the brand since its inception.









Photography : Horst Diekgerdes
Art Direction : Adrien Simon Poznanski
Styling : Andrej Skok
Model : Luca Lemaire, Romane Greze, Etienne Garnier
Make-up : Vanessa Bellini
Assistant : Meghane Rolland & Juliette Durand
At Maison Louis Carré

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