Javier Hirschfeld-Moreno is a Spanish London based photographer working between Paris/London and Malaga. He's working around the questions about the profligacy of image against consuming images

    Maia Flore is a french photographer based in California. She creating poetic images working with the particular light of the west coast. She showed her relationship to the world through situations where she is exploring the landscape with her body. Dancing and playing with her

    We know Julien Comte Gaz for long time. His previous works evolved from drawing on erotics magazine to splitting, cutting and reassembling old photography giving a new way to suggest sexuality. We decided to present you more about who is behind this amazing work.                     Interview by Eve

    Juan Brenner is photographed we discovered and featured in our Instagram program. He was working during two years to shoot and analyse the spanish conquest of Guatemala and it's repercussions in today society. We decided to know more about who is behind this work .                     Interview by

      Photography is not only my job, it is my field of research, conducted over the course of my travels. I prefer to take pictures without premeditation, focusing on architecture, interiors, objects, people and places. Similarly, I view my website not just as a portfolio but an

    Mickael Vis is a french photographer based in Helsinki. Through all his work from fashion industrie, magazine to his personal work, Mickael has developed a light color tone aesthetic becoming his signature. This particular range in Vis's work translate a smooth sensation, a poetic atmosphere

    We discovered the work of Xuebing Du early on our instagram curation, first by her serie about California but we felt in love about her vision of flowers. Saturated colors and working on the image bring the work of Xuebing way beyond the traditional photography

    François Aubret is a French photographer based in Los Angeles.   His minimalist and colorful picture attracted us. He has been featured already in some of our Instagram curations. We decided to know more about who is behind the camera by interviewing François.                   Interview by Adrien & Jules

  Emilie Gomez is a French photographer based in Brussel. She works around the notion of heterotopia, defined by Michel Foucault as the physical location of a utopia. Show houses, and trompe-l'oeil become stages and sets that draw our attention. They are false, yet real, spaces